Angelica Park joined Mental Health Colorado in 2019 as a Communications Intern. She is a senior at the University of Colorado Denver completing a Bachelor of Arts degree in communication and public health. She excels in health education, outreach, and marketing for a health center. Additionally, she serves as secretary and external affairs officer for a public health association. She is enthusiastic about designing (written, oral, and visual) health messages and campaigns and leading events and programs.

She aspires to locally and globally protect and improve (physical, mental, behavioral, environmental, social) health and well-being of individuals and communities. Achieving optimal health equity and quality is a long term goal because she understands the importance of social determinants of health, prevention, treatment, health policy, access to affordable services, and eradicating misinformation, stigma, and discrimination.

Random facts: She was born and raised in Colorado. She enjoys taking pictures, going to art galleries, making people laugh, petting dogs, writing poems, and singing.