Michael Ditchfield is a humanitarian, best-selling author, inspirational speaker, entrepreneur and former professional athlete. He is originally from Lancashire, England.

Ditchfield believes we all need to be involved in a cause that is tangible to us and that we gravitate toward.

One of his guides and teachers was Denver restaurateur and philanthropist, Noel Cunningham. Cunningham took his own life in December of 2011. Ditchfield says Cunningham’s death was, and still is, tangible to him. After Cunningham’s death he experienced depression and remorse. He did get help and talked to professionals in the field.

Ditchfield says we have to do something positive in our lives to help others.  His humanitarian work in Rwanda and Sudan with genocide does relate to his work with Mental Health Colorado. All of these thoughts and actions begin in the mind. He believes he was led to this cause by events that have happened in his life and now he wants to give back to others closer to home.

Michael & Noel