Elora is a student at the University of Denver and will graduate with her Master of Social Work in June of 2020. She graduated with honors from Colorado State University with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology in 2017. She is passionate about promoting health and mental health equity, prevention and early intervention, and understanding the ways in which physical and mental ability intersects with other aspects of a person’s identity. Elora has experience managing and conducting research projects investigating the effects of stressful life events and mindfulness practices on parenting practices and physiological responses, assisting adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities with activities of daily living, supporting individuals experiencing suicidal and/or psychotic crises in an inpatient setting, and developing programs and curricula related to social-emotional learning and neurobiologically-sensitive and developmentally-relevant practices for students, teachers, and other school staff. In her free time, Elora enjoys gardening, cooking, practicing yoga, and crafting.