Emily is an undergraduate student at Santa Clara University in the Bay Area of California. She is currently a junior, pursuing a degree in Psychology and Political Science. Emily is passionate about destigmatizing mental health issues as well as increasing accessibility to resources for those battling with mental health and substance use issues. She first became interested in these matters after witnessing people very close to her struggle and has seen firsthand how these experiences affect all aspects of one’s life. This has led her to be a strong believer that taking care of one’s mental state should be prioritized just as much as one’s physical health.

Upon graduating from college, Emily hopes to use her degree in order to make a difference in the mental health field. By utilizing skills from both Psychology and Political Science, she is eager to look at mental health issues from a political perspective and use policy to change the landscape of mental health care across the country.

Emily grew up in Denver, Colorado before moving to California for college. In her free time, she enjoys getting outside to hike and ski.