Jen Marnowski came to Mental Health Colorado from the news business. She had been an award-winning journalist for more than 20 years, most recently at 9News in Denver and before that for 10 years at CNN in Atlanta. During her career she served in many capacities from management to writing and producing newscasts and special projects. In her role at 9News she served as the news liaison and planning coordinator and producer for the Komen Colorado Foundation’s ‘Race for the Cure’ and the Bonfils annual blood drive, ‘Drive for Life’.

She always had a specific interest in, wrote stories, produced specials and content on medical news. Her top priority was breakthroughs, stories about and involving the mental health field. “Some people in my family have depression, one lives with manic depression and is bi-polar like so many others.  I am fortunate to have an opportunity with this job to make a difference by reducing the stigma and advocating for people that might not have an avenue to do that,” she says.

Marnowski is married. And she and her husband Steve have one daughter, Sydney. The family loves living in Denver and enjoys all that Colorado has to offer.