Lindsey is currently a second-year graduate student pursuing her Masters in Public Health with a concentration in Global Health and Health Disparities at the Colorado School of Public Health. She joined Mental Health Colorado in 2021 to broaden her experience within the policy-making process surrounding the Social Determinants of Health. Specifically, how those policies impact overall health and well-being. She has extensive experience working within the healthcare system as she was a Certified Nurse Aide in a Long-term Care Facility. Through this experience, she recognized the many different factors that impact overall health and well-being. She was also able to see the direct relationship between physical and mental health, as they are frequently intertwined.

She believes that health and healthcare are fundamental human rights and that everyone deserves a fair shot at the highest attainable standard of both physical and mental health. Her experience working within the healthcare system coupled with her education has made her extremely passionate in advocacy for equitable, justice-centered policies that protect and fulfill the right to health for all.

She is originally from Southern California but has lived in Fort Collins, Colorado for the last 5 years. In her free time, she enjoys going to concerts, hanging out with friends, being outside in the sun, and anything that involves interacting with other people.