Gina Shimeall received her Juris Doctor from Washington University, St. Louis, Mo. in 1980. She was accepted to the Missouri Bar in 1980, Illinois Bar in 1981, and Colorado Bar 1988.  Ms. Shimeall’s private practice specializes in criminal justice related mental health cases, aiding jurisdictions in their collaboration and implementation of problem solving mental health courts, and other endeavors to disentangle individuals with mental health issues caught in the criminal justice system. Since COVID she is focusing her attention completely as co-founder of SAFER Colorado, a nonprofit vouchering individuals living with mental health disorders released from Arapahoe County Jail homeless or who have contact with the criminal justice system.  She is the volunteer criminal defense attorney for NAMI’s (National Alliance for Mentally Ill) law line since 2014. She is a board member for the 18th Judicial District Community Corrections Board since 2000.  As a board member she facilitated the design and implementation of the female dual diagnoses program “ARCHES”.  Her experience entails the planning, coordination, and implementation of mental health courts in Colorado’s 18th and the Aurora Municipal Courts including housing projects and wrap around services to support these programs. To accomplish these endeavors Ms. Shimeall became very involved in and adept in working collaboratively and boundary spanning to help individuals living with mental health issues who are involved in or at risk of falling into the justice system. Ms. Shimeall is the defense attorney representative for MHDCJS’ Legislative Task Force addressing the cross section of behavioral health and the justice system. She is the Co-chair of the Housing subcommittee responsible for several housing bills in this area. Ms. Shimeall was a public defender in St. Louis, Mo. and Colorado for a total of 26 years before retiring to commit her skills full time in the above endeavors.