Our Goals

Strong start for all children

We develop brains and behaviors at a rapid pace, not fully maturing until as late as our mid-20s. Preventative care and healthy learning environments are central to ensuring healthy minds and bright futures.

Support for families

Strong, healthy families - created networks of supportive partnerships - are vitally important to strong, healthy individuals. Education, childcare, stable housing, meaningful employment, and access to health care are all essential to family well being.

Access to housing, supports, and services

Having a place to call home is an essential element of good mental health across the lifespan. Access to supports and services prolongs life and enhances mental health outcomes.

Wellness in aging

From childhood to old age, the quality of our lives depends on our mental health. Every phase of life brings its own challenges and opportunities for continuing mental growth and development.

Reduced potential harm from alcohol and drugs

Drugs and alcohol have been a part of our landscape throughout history. From childhood onward, we thrive if we can reap their benefits while reducing their potential for great harm.

Decriminalize mental health

Too often, law enforcement is our first and only response to people’s need for mental health and substance use care. Disentangling mental health and criminal justice will improve health outcomes, save taxpayer dollars, and enhance community well being.

End discrimination

Mental health—like physical health—is part of who we are. We need to be increasingly understanding and compassionate with ourselves and others.