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Where to start when seeking treatment for a mental health or substance use disorder

By Nancy VanDeMark – Interim President and CEO, Mental Health Colorado May 1, 2019 One million Coloradans face a ... more

For Our Spanish Speakers: Mujeres de C.O.L.O.R. con Miriam Estrada

Mujeres de COLOR con Miriam Estrada investigadora asociada de la organización para la Salud Mental de Colorado, hablando sobre la salud mental en la comunidad ... more

Opinion: To prevent child maltreatment, we must strengthen families. Let’s start with House Bill 1193.

By: Jade Woodard and Nancy VanDeMark April 21, 2019 More than 250 people came together at the Capitol earlier this month to draw attention to the need to ... more

Suicide of Sol Pais — Florida teen seen as threat to Denver-area schools — highlights mental health, mass tragedies

By: Jessica Seaman April 19, 2019 When Sol Pais traveled to Denver on Monday and bought a gun, it triggered a daylong search before she was found dead of a ... more

Safe 2 Tell tips show demand for mental health resources at school

By: Andy Koen April 17, 2019 DENVER – Tools developed in the aftermath of the Columbine school shooting point to an underserved need in Colorado ... more

American Tragedy: Love is Not Enough

By: KGNU News Staff April 18, 2019 Laurie Freeman has dedicated her life to advocating for mental health after the loss of her husband and son to suicide ... more

No Colorado school districts meet federal safety standards for behavioral health staffing, investigation shows

By: Christopher Osher & Jennifer Brown April 12, 2019 Tamara Durbin is responsible for making sure more than 4,300 students across some 5,000 square miles ... more

The healing power of nature - Studies show being outdoors reduces stress, depression and anxiety

By: Shanna Fortier April 10, 2019 After graduating college, Travis Wild soon found that spending time in the mountains and on trails in Colorado gave him a ... more

Colorado Legislators Seek Parity for Mental Health Treatment

April 8, 2019 According to Mental Health Colorado, over one million Colorado citizens live with a mental health issue or substance use disorder, though only ... more

Solutions to our youth mental health crisis within reach this year

By: Jena Hausmann April 8, 2019 Colorado is first in the nation on many fronts, most of which we are rightly proud of. But Colorado also has one of the ... more

A Father's Story: How Shoplifting Led to My Son Spending 7 Months in Solitary

By: Michael Roberts April 3, 2019 Later today in Colorado Springs, a young man will appear at a hearing that could lead to him spending the next five years in ... more

Insurers have ignored mental health care despite a law prioritizing it. State Dems want to change that.

By: Faith Miller April 03, 2019 Coloradans aren’t getting proper mental health care. That’s not just an opinion — according to the law, it’s a ... more

Mental Health Colorado endorses bill to help those at risk of institutionalization

By: Kara Rowland March 30, 2019 Mental Health Colorado today endorsed legislation that would alleviate the strain on jails and other institutions by ensuring ... more

Bill prioritizes mental treatment instead of jail cell

By: Charles Ashby March 30, 2019 DENVER — The state's main leader in mental health matters is hailing a new bill introduced into the Colorado Legislature ... more

Poor mental health reduces life expectancy, says study

By: Kumasi Aaron March 26, 2019 Douglas County in Colorado is ranked the healthiest county in the country. The news doesn’t surprise Colorado natives ... more

By law, mental health benefits are supposed to be as good as medical coverage. In practice, that’s not happening.

By: Jennifer Brown March 27, 2019 Like most dads, John Cooke would have done anything to save his daughter. He was lucky he had the money. To make her well, to ... more

How Daughter's Suicide Attempt Inspires Victor Mitchell's Support of Red-Flag Bill

By: Michael Roberts March 26, 2019 Red-flag legislation, which would create a framework for temporarily taking guns away from those considered a danger to ... more

Columbine survivors offer support after two teen suicides in Parkland

By Alex Rose March 24, 2019 DENVER -- The tragedy even more heartbreaking after two survivors of the Parkland Florida school shooting took their lives ... more

Unmasked: A Masquerade Party Benefiting Mental Health Colorado – 6/22

By: Adam Wilson March 21, 2019 Who: Mental Health Colorado What: Unmasked When: Saturday, June 22nd from 6p – 9p Where: The Haven in the ... more

Victor Mitchell: Extreme risk bill is thoughtful, balanced

March 15, 2019 As a one-time state lawmaker who had an A-plus NRA rating and a former Republican candidate for governor, I'm strongly supportive of HB-1177 — ... more