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Help to promote mental well-being, end shame and discrimination, and ensure all Coloradans can access mental health and substance use care. Make a contribution to support healthier minds across the lifespan for all Coloradans.

Do you believe in a Colorado that provides a strong start for all children & support for families?

We envision a future where every child can attend affordable and enriching early learning programs, receive essential healthcare services, and live in a safe and nurturing environment. We envision a Colorado focused on ensuring access to quality healthcare for families; initiatives to promote financial stability through job training and affordable housing; and affordable childcare options and parental leave policies.

With your support, we will continue working to educate lawmakers, providers, and the public about the needs of Colorado’s youth and families. We will advocate for essential policy improvements that will increase access to care and ensure every mother, father, and child gets the support they need to thrive and to fulfill their potential as individuals and as community members.

I want to support children and families!

Do you believe in a Colorado that provides access to housing, healthcare, supports, & services?

We believe in a holistic approach to well-being and in building a prosperous and equitable society in which individuals are empowered to reach their full potential. We envision affordable, quality housing that’s no longer a luxury but an affordable expectation; accessible healthcare to address health needs promptly and comprehensively; and preventive care and mental health services that are readily available throughout our state.

With your support, we will continue advocating for policies that enhance Coloradans’ access to safe and affordable housing, healthcare, supports, and services. We will stand up against harmful policies that limit access to these fundamental needs. We will continue fighting for the health and well-being of Coloradans across the lifespan!

I want to support Coloradans’ access to quality housing, healthcare, supports, and services!

Do you believe in a Colorado where people who use substances are offered compassion & comprehensive support?

We recognize that substance use is a complex issue influenced by various factors such as social, economic, and psychological conditions. We believe in a safe and judgment-free future where individuals are provided with fact-based education and practical interventions that reduce the harm associated with substance use.

With your support, we will continue advocating for policy changes that create a society where substance use needs are treated as health needs and Coloradans are supported in their recovery.

I want to help reduce the harm associated with substance use!

Do you believe in a Colorado where health needs are met with health care, not criminalization?

We believe in a Colorado where a person asking for help receives care, not cuffs; is responded to with compassion and understanding; and is provided with access to services to support their well-being.

With your support, we will continue championing our national initiative, Care Not Cuffs, to unite and educate leaders, advocates, and communities working to disentangle mental health and criminal justice. We will expand and strengthen our SAFER program providing housing and care management support to at-risk individuals, diverting them away from the criminal justice system and toward opportunities to rehabilitate and lead capable lives.

I want to help disentangle mental health and the criminal justice system!

Do you believe in a Colorado free of discrimination against people with mental health &/or substance use issues?

We believe that a person’s ability to fulfill their human potential and maintain their well-being should not be subject to the barriers of discrimination. We know that there are actionable steps that can be taken to address and change discriminatory policies and practices in our state so that every Coloradan is treated equitably, regardless of their background or condition.

With your support, we will continue standing up against discriminatory practices and promoting inclusive policies that support the health and well-being of all Coloradans.

I want to help end health-based discrimination!

  • “Mental Health Colorado’s dedication to raising awareness, providing resources, and advocating for policies that support mental health services is commendable. In a time where mental health issues affect so many people, their work is more important than ever.”
  • “I love the support they give to both those who work in the field as well as giving a voice to our participants. Thank you, Mental Health Colorado, for all that you do, and I am more than excited about future plans for a better change to the community of Colorado!”
  • “Working with the advocacy team and learning how to get involved at a more systemic level fills me with hope. I wish I had learned these advocacy skills years ago… getting to work with MHC feels more active, and I know the work we do directly impacts my community.”
  • “I love the involvement that MHC has in Colorado in making true changes in people’s lives.  I am a strong supporter for advocacy for those who struggle with severe mental health illnesses.”
  • “Mental Health Colorado is important to me because through its policies, programming and advocacy, it bridges the connection between hope and mental health.  And hope sustains life.”