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How might you improve the mental health of your community? Are you interested in learning more about the law-making process? Why is it important to recognize mental health across the lifespan?

Educate your community and request a presentation from one of our experts at Mental Health Colorado.

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Vincent Atchity
President & CEO

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Lauren Snyder
Vice Present, Government Affairs

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Bridget Anshus
Senior Policy Advocate

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Grassroots Advocacy Workshop

How does a grassroots bill becomes a law in Colorado, from start to finish?

How can you advocate for legislative changes you believe in?

How do we interpret behavioral health administrative policies and regulations?

Healthier Minds Across the Lifespan

What would a mentally healthy Colorado look like?

What policies, practices, and ideas need to be set into motion?

What barriers prevent us being the mentally healthiest we can be in Colorado?

How can you support setting these policies, practices, and ideas into motion?

How can we support well-being in the workplace (and in the community)?

Decriminalizing Mental Health

Why have jails and prisons become the largest mental health facilities in the U.S.?

How can we improve health outcomes, preserve public safety, AND save taxpayer dollars?

How can we disentangle mental health and criminal justice?

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