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How might you better improve the mental health of your community? Are you interested in learning more about the law-making process? Why is it important to recognize mental health across the lifespan?

Educate your community and request a presentation from one of our experts at Mental Health Colorado.

Vincent Atchity







Vincent Atchity
President & CEO
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Moe Keller
Director of Advocacy
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  • Grassroots Advocacy Workshop with Moe Keller
    • Learn how a grassroots bill becomes a law in Colorado, from start to finish.
    • Learn how to advocate for legislative changes you believe in.
    • Practice testifying on a mock bill before a committee of legislators.
  • Healthier Minds Across the Lifespan with Vincent Atchity
    • What would a mentally healthy Colorado look like?
    • What policies, practices, and ideas need to be set into motion to make that happen?
    • What barriers prevent us being the mentally healthiest we can be in Colorado?
    • Where do you come in?
  • Decriminalizing Mental Health with Vincent Atchity
    • Why have jails and prisons become the largest mental health facilities in the U.S.?
    • How can we improve health outcomes, preserve public safety, AND save taxpayer dollars?
    • How can we disentangle mental health and criminal justice?
  • Do you have other presentation ideas? Let us know!

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