In 2020, millions of us were forced into isolation, and anxiety was at an all-time high due to the economic and health impacts of COVID-19. As we move into a post-vaccine world, we are seeing a secondary pandemic of mental health and substance use concern, and we must be prepared to deal with the increased demand for care and support. These needs are reflected in our 2021 policy priorities.

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Our priorities in this report reflect the need for support across the lifespan. All of Colorado’s children deserve a strong start. Families should have the support they need. Mental well-being should be attainable for older adults. Coloradans should have access to quality, affordable health care and housing. We must reduce the potential harm caused by drugs and alcohol. Jails and prisons should not be our largest mental health facilities. Mental health discrimination should be a thing of the past.

Each policy priority positively impacts the well-being of our state and will help Colorado achieve healthier minds from one end of life to the other.

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