An exciting announcement

July 25, 2019

Friends of Mental Health Colorado:

I am pleased to share the news that Vincent Atchity has been named Mental Health Colorado’s president & CEO. Atchity will provide strategic leadership to help Mental Health Colorado achieve its mission of promoting mental wellness, ending stigma, and ensuring equitable access to mental health and substance use services.

As an accomplished, collaborative leader in public health, Atchity’s multi-industry expertise will leverage a statewide network of partners in advocacy, health care, government, education, public safety, and the justice system to drive systemic transformation to Colorado’s mental health landscape.

Last year, Mental Health Colorado achieved the most significant accomplishments in its 65-year history. Among eight of the bills we championed, the policy team led the fight for mental health parity—holding insurers accountable to the law that says mental health must be covered equal to physical health. In tandem with our partners, Mental Health Colorado’s 2019 policy efforts secured $20 million for mental health and substance use care.

Our dedicated staff are working on an ambitious agenda for the 2020 legislative session. Join us as we work to make sure all Coloradans get the mental health or substance use care they need.

-Aaron Hyatt, Mental Health Colorado Board of Directors