Bri Buentello

My campaign for re-election is focused on a holistic approach to improving the mental health services available to the people of Southern Colorado. In the midst of the COVID pandemic, it is more crucial than ever that all Coloradans have access to quality healthcare, especially mental health support. That is why I have endorsed and will continue to support any measures that will improve our mental health and care services. From improving education for our children and promoting healthy environments for students to learn and interact with others, to working to bolster the agricultural economy of House District 47 so that my constituents can find gainful employment and have the funds needed to access high-quality mental health services. I’ve also been a fierce proponent for battling the opioid epidemic which has destroyed families and contributed to a sharp decline in mental health nationwide.

In addition to these measures, we also as a community have to create a hospitable environment in which people can come forward with their issues. Anyone should be able to express what they are going through and receive quality treatment and support rather than prejudice or apathy. I know that none of these goals are attainable without working together. I’m proud to be the most bipartisan member of the legislature and will continue working with all of my peers to develop a better environment and stronger programs to support the mental health of all Coloradans.