Brian Mason

Brian Mason Statement on Mental Health

We have a mental health crisis in our society and it is particularly acute in the criminal justice system.  As a prosecutor for more than 13 years, I have seen this first hand.  Countless people enter our courtrooms with untreated mental health problems.  A huge number of them get treatment for the first time once they do.  This is not as it should be.  As a candidate for District Attorney in Colorado’s 17th Judicial District (Adams & Broomfield counties) I am committed to addressing this crisis head on.

The mental health crisis is not limited to those who are accused of crimes, however.  Prosecutors, police officers, victim advocates, paralegals and many others in law enforcement face mental health challenges.  When you respond to a homicide scene, or tend to child victim, it is impossible to forget what you see and hear.   I have personally wrestled with these issues myself and we don’t talk about them in our profession as we should.  I pledge to address this critical issue as well.

Brian Mason is the Democratic nominee for District Attorney in Colorado’s 17th Judicial District, which includes Adams & Broomfield counties.