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Marty: I get to live in the now

Casual drinking, professional disappointments, boredom, socializing, the anxiety of never living up to my college degree, unaddressed family issues—these were the things that led me to alcohol. I thought it was “normal” when my drinking increased – that I could handle partying a couple of extra days a week. But when I needed to slow down, I couldn’t. I could stop drinking for bits at a time, but the cycle kept coming back. My resentments, my unmanageability, and my destructive behavior were still feeding my disease. I don’t ever really recall having ...

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David: From Hopkins to homeless

After completing 4 years at the University of Northern Colorado for my Bachelor of Science, 1 year at Johns Hopkins University for my Masters in Health Science, and 2 years into my Ph.D. in respiratory medicine at the Medical College of Virginia/Virginia Commonwealth University, I thought I had complete control of my life.  Specifically, my career in aerosol respiratory medicine.  I had published my first paper in a respectable peer reviewed medical journal when I was 27.  Several months after that, I presented the paper at a medical conference in Germany.  It ...

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