Tribute 2017 Winners

Lifetime Achievement: Therese Michels

Former President, Colorado Association of Psychotherapists A psychotherapist, Therese Michels is still counseling clients in Durango at the age of 91. Two of her specialties are couples counseling and dream work. Known for her generosity and compassion, she does not accept payment for her current work. As one client put it, Therese used to accept alternative forms of compensation: “My sister paid Therese by painting a mural in her house. I paid her, in part, by doing gardening, but I will never be able to fully repay her. I am a much more confident, healthy, and happy ...

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Organization of the Year: Rocky Mountain Crisis Partners

Launched as a community project in metropolitan Denver a decade ago, Rocky Mountain Crisis Partners now provides more than 100,000 Coloradans with a first and vital safety net via immediate 24/7 telephonic and chat assessment, triage, and follow-up services delivered by mental health professionals and trained peer specialists. As the gateway to Colorado’s Crisis Services program, RMCP coordinates closely with other Crisis Services components, including mobile crisis teams and walk-in centers. In addition, hundreds of agencies, mental health practices, and community ...

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Individual of the Year: Mike Butler

Chief, Longmont Public Safety Chief Butler has initiated several programs to address the mental health needs of his community. The Edge Program pairs mental health professionals with Longmont police to reduce ER visits and jail time. The Angel Program enables people with substance use disorders to relinquish drugs and/or paraphernalia to the Public Safety Center without fear of arrest or legal consequences. Angel volunteers help participants obtain shelter and connect them with treatment providers. Each Sunday, Chief Butler and his volunteer team walk local at-risk ...

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