Colin Wilhelm

Northwest Colorado is dramatically lacking in access to mental health care, this is something that I will tackle head on. Currently there is only one inpatient facility to with staff and equipment around to treat our citizens. Police, teachers, and family medical providers are the ill-equipped front line in mental health treatment.  I have plans to change this. First, I want to increase funding for mental health care treatment throughout Colorado. Second, we need to make sure that all medical insurance covers mental health care treatment. These two will begin to expand access to health care immediately for those that need it. Third we need to increase funding for addiction treatment, and to educate our population to remove the stigma of addiction so those who need help can receive the help they need. Next, I will implement and improve preventative measures in our schools, by increasing to include every school in Colorado a program of comprehensive mental health care treatment, in schools at no cost to the family.  We know, from the vast amount of data out there that if mental health treatment is available to children, they are less likely to demonstrate issues that negatively affect our community when they become adults.