Colorado addiction experts prioritize care for individuals leaving carceral settings

November 7, 2023

By: Shane Ersland

Helping Coloradans who struggle with addiction, particularly for individuals transitioning out of a carceral setting, will require greater availability of adequate treatment services in the state, according to health leaders.

Harm Reduction Action Center Executive Director Lisa Raville and Mental Health Colorado President and CEO Vincent Atchity discussed the state’s addiction-related challenges at the 2023 Colorado State of Reform Health Policy Conference last month.

“At Mental Health Colorado, we acknowledge that humans have used a wide variety of substances, ranging from caffeine and tea to things that grow on plants and in the ground,” Atchity said. “Part of human nature is to use all kinds of substances. Overuse of some of our substances can be harmful. Underuse of certain substances, like insulin, can be deadly. It’s all about striking balance in our substance use. The compass I use for harm reduction is, what is the health of the individual?”

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