Colorado doctors highlight patient safety and preparation as key priorities in state’s development of psilocybin therapy rules

January 29, 2024

By: Shane Ersland

Colorado is in the process of developing rules for the rollout of its psilocybin therapy program, and mental health experts highlighted some components that will factor into those decisions last week.

Mental Health Colorado and Healing Advocacy Fund will host a series of webinars about the rollout of psilocybin services in the state over the next couple months, and held the first session on Thursday.

“We know that natural medicines have been used safely for millennia by cultures for healing, and Colorado can do better to promote health and healing by reducing its focus on criminal punishments for (people) who suffer mental health issues, and by establishing regulated access to natural medicines through a humane, cost-effective and responsible approach,” Mental Health Colorado CEO Vincent Atchity said.

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