Colorado leaders launch website this week to help improve the state’s mental health system

July 3, 2024

By: Tatiana Flowers

The Behavioral Health Administration will host public conversations in the coming months to help people learn to use the tool. Those dates will be published on the Behavioral Health Administration’s calendar soon.

“It’s important for a public system to have this kind of visibility to show how it’s improving access for people,” Atchity said. “And for our purposes, as advocates, it’s handy — if we can trust this to be thorough and comprehensive.”

Mental Health Colorado leaders recently released Know Your Rights information for Coloradans who need mental health and substance use services.

Making that kind of information available to people who use the Performance Hub could clarify how Coloradans can respond if they suspect they’re facing discrimination or that their health insurance won’t cover certain mental health services, for example, Atchity said.

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