April 11, 2018

Four weeks.

That’s all the time we have left before this year’s legislative session ends. But it’s enough time to pass a “red flag” law.

These laws create extreme risk protection orders, allowing guns to be temporarily removed from the homes of people who pose a significant danger to themselves or others. Six states have now enacted such laws; Colorado has not.

We’re urging lawmakers to introduce and pass this measure before time runs out. Please ask your state representative and your state senator to sign on today.

Extreme risk protection orders require compelling evidence and respect due process rights. And research shows they work: removing guns in these circumstances reduces the risk of harm.

That’s why this proposal earned the support of every candidate at our gubernatorial forum—Republican and Democrat alike. Gov. John Hickenlooper, the man they’re seeking to succeed, has pledged to sign a red flag bill when it reaches his desk.

Let’s make sure it gets there.

-Andrew Romanoff