COVID In Colorado: Some ‘Kind Of Leery’ Of Being Around Large Groups Of People

March 4, 2021

By: Alan Guinet

Originally reported on CBS4

DENVER (CBS4) – The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment said Tuesday more than a third of Coloradans are now fully immunized against COVID19. As the state moves to vaccinate more, people protected from SARS CoV2 are trying to get used to getting back to doing things they stayed away from for over a year.

Shirley Schley, 86, and 90-year-old Wick Downing had her granddaughter over for dinner over the weekend.

“I haven’t seen her in months. Because it took them so long to get their shots,” said Schley. Among the fully vaccinated, the couple is thinking of getting out, but not yet sure. ”You know my bridge club is starting up again and I’m not ready… I just am kind of leery of crowds right now and I need to get over that.” Wick is more confident. “It just does not concern me period.”

When asked if he’d go to a crowded restaurant?

“Ah, no. I would not feel comfortable in a crowded restaurant,” said Wick. “I guess maybe there is some kind of a residual process working in my head.”

“Our minds are wired for self preservation,” said Vincent Atchity, President and CEO of Mental Health Colorado. “It takes this transition period where we have to recognize that well, we’ve been vaccinated now.”

We can compare ourselves says Atchity, to snails.

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