August 29, 2018

The Comorbid Opioid Addiction and Pain (COAP) Lab is looking for men and women ages 18-65 to participate in 12 weeks of no-cost group therapy sessions, and an additional 3 sessions for which you will be compensated.

Last year more Coloradans died from drug overdoses than any year in the state’s history. Opioid addiction is a devastating public health crisis and there’s a race to find answers. Many people who are addicted to opioids were introduced to the drug to help manage chronic pain. And now research from a CU professor is showing this group to be the most prone to recidivism and that no treatments have yet proven effective for simultaneously fighting chronic pain and opioid addiction.

CU Denver psychology professor Dr. Amy Wachholtz was recently awarded NIH funding to study new treatments for those struggling with both chronic pain and opioid addiction. This is a major leap forward in Dr. Wachholtz’s ongoing research, which recently revealed that no treatment exists that is proven effective for co-morbid opioid addiction and chronic pain. She has also identified the treatment gaps where addiction counselors generally receive no training in chronic pain management and pain treatment providers aren’t equipped/authorized to treat substance use disorder. Her research would address how to best train community addiction counselors to more effectively help the thousands of people struggling with chronic pain and opioid addiction. Also important to your viewers, Dr. Wachholtz can talk about the new treatment approaches she will start studying this year funded by the NIH grant and how people battling both opioid use disorder and chronic pain can apply to be part of the first wave of clinical research. (Click here for more info on recruitment for clinical study)

About the study: 

12 weeks of no-cost group therapy sessions, and an additional 3 sessions for which you will be compensated*

Try a research therapy treatment to reduce substance use disorder and pain and be compensated for your time!

For more information, please contact Caty with the COAP Lab UC Denver:
– phone: 303-315-7036
email: stopstudy@hotmail.com

Eligibility includes a short phone screening prior to study participation.

*compensation for all sessions provided upon study completion