Dollars and sense

April 16, 2018

Talk is cheap. And when it comes to mental health care, so is Washington.

The President has devoted a lot of words to mental health in recent weeks—without the dollars to match. In fact, the administration’s new budget plan would make it more difficult for Americans to get care.

Compared to current projections, the administration’s plan calls for deep cuts to Medicaid and Medicare; school safety initiatives; and treatment for mental health and substance use disorders. The plan would also eliminate federal funding for a program of screening, brief intervention, and referral to treatment.

What’s a state to do?

Tell Congress to reject these cuts. And encourage state lawmakers to boost support for mental health and substance use services.

It will take more than speeches and soundbites to bring mental health care within reach of every American. Let’s start by securing more resources here in Colorado.

-Andrew Romanoff