Dylan Roberts

Supporting mental health with bold policy and sustained funding will continue to be a priority for me should I be re-elected as a State Representative. In my three years at the Capitol, I know we have made significant progress on this vital issue. I was proud to be a prime co-sponsor of the Youth Mental Health Education and Suicide Prevention Act of 2019 (HB19-1120) and have been the co-sponsor of other efforts like mental health insurance parity, drug possession de-felonization, to name a few.

However, I also realize that as a resident of rural Colorado, I have the dubious distinction of representing some of the counties in Colorado with the highest rates of suicide in the state and I know that mental health legislation must continue to be a priority. I will be a strident advocate to increase funding for mental health treatment, expanding our state’s cadre of mental health professionals, and advocating for policies that break the stigma of mental health so we can focus on acceptance and treatment. I will also remain committed to my priorities of reducing the cost of living in Colorado through lowering the cost of health care and expanding access to affordable housing because I know that mental health is directly connected to a person’s financial and housing stability and I will continue to advocate for this holistic perspective on mental health issues in Colorado.