Early Childhood Mental Health Toolkit


Development of the Early Childhood Mental Health Toolkit was funded in part by The Buell Foundation, LAUNCH Together, and Colorado Project LAUNCH.


Introduction to the Early Childhood Mental Health Toolkit

We believe that mental wellness is central to ensuring a child’s best start. Early childhood is a critical period of growth, development, and relationship building. When mental health is supported in early childhood, children are healthier, happier, and more likely to succeed.

Many communities understand the importance of early childhood mental health but lack an overarching plan and the resources to provide effective services and supports. We’ve created this toolkit to help families, community advocates, Early Childhood Councils, early childhood professionals, and local leaders work together to assess, identify, prioritize, and fund early childhood mental health supports.

Our organization is committed to helping advocates implement mental health strategies to support young children and their families across Colorado. This toolkit will give you an overarching plan for addressing early childhood mental health and promoting strategies in your community. It contains resources and steps you can use to ensure every child has a path to success. Take a look at the Getting Started page in the toolkit to begin your journey.