For Coloradans already struggling with their budgets, the cost of mental health care is increasingly out of reach

February 9, 2024

By: Tautiana Flowers

The high cost of mental health care has long influenced who can get the care they need and who cannot, perhaps since its origin, said Vincent Atchity, president and CEO of Mental Health Colorado.

When it originated, for example, psychotherapy was mostly accessible to wealthy Americans who could afford to pay hundreds of dollars per hour to those professionals, who would spend hours examining their life experiences to identify root causes of distress and discomfort, he said.

“It’s always been kind of a culture of the rich,” Atchity said, “and for folks who are not rich but also not poor, there still are these access issues because what your insurance will cover is so limited in terms of what’s accessible and you could sign up for care and it could take you months to get in there.”

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