Linda Stanley

My name is Linda Stanley and I am running for District Attorney in the 11th Judicial District (Fremont, Park, Custer, and Chaffee counties).

As a prosecutor and former police officer, I have always tried to seek justice with compassion.  For someone that breaks the law, it is my job to prosecute but not necessarily to punish.  I always try to do what’s right for all involved including the accused and the victim, while still maintaining public safety.

There are consequences for actions, but I have found on many occasions that mental illness and/or the lack of resources for diagnosis and treatment has unfortunately resulted in the criminal behavior.

I hope to implement special courts to address this issue including Veteran court, DUI court, and Mental Health court.  I would like to follow the methodology supported by the National Institute of Justice found here:

Instead of offenders having to be subject to the criminal justice system, they will be court-ordered to attend mandatory treatment.  Of course, there may be more serious consequences if the offender does not comply and that is due mostly to the public safety concerns.  Each case is different and unique.

A prosecutor is assigned to seek and promote justice – that doesn’t always look the same in every case.

I do believe every single person deserves at least one second chance.  I also know there is a difference between bad people and good people that made a mistake.