Making time for what’s important to us

November 1, 2019


40+ hour work weeks, families to care for, errands to run.

Our hectic lifestyles leave us little to no time to devote to the causes we care about most. Colorado Gives Day reminds us to give back with a few clicks of a button. But you don’t have to wait until December 10, you can schedule your donation today!

Your support has enabled us to achieve some incredible accomplishments this past year. Together, we passed new laws and policies that will:

  • Increase the availability of mental health services for children and adolescents
  • Strengthen and enforce requirements that insurance companies provide equal coverage for mental and physical care
  • Reduce the high suicide rate in Colorado
  • Expand capacity for mental health and substance use care
  • Ensure families receive substance use services during and after pregnancy

Let’s keep the momentum going—we still have a lot of work to do!

There are over 1 million Coloradans who need lifesaving mental health or substance use care, and most don’t receive it.

All of us have a role to play in improving mental health in Colorado. Schedule your Colorado Gives Day donation today.