Mark Bromley

I do support House District 34 Constituent needs for a fit state of mind and do believe in the help they can receive from qualified professionals based on empirical scientific qualifications. I believe from looking further into the website for Mental Health Colorado we are diametrically indifferent and not congruent. I discovered a devout page on your website that revealed a few partisan legislative efforts that do not address mental health and have been used to target Law Abiding people in good standings with their communities while exonerating those of a criminal drug addiction. The two house bills you oppose do need to be repealed and reconsidered. I would find it easier to discuss my concepts of Mental Health if it wasn’t for the pandering to partisan politics within your organization and management methodology. If you wouldn’t mind could I get facts and figures of the political break down of your organization? I find it unhealthy for a partisan agenda being forwarded by MHC. I had also noticed an attempt at activism on your website to pursue candidates that did not cater to your demands. Is that Mental Health in Colorado? I don’t see Conservative values on your website. I do not believe socialism is the cure for mental health, pandering to criminals will only create more criminals. Mental Health Colorado becomes an overly expensive door mat for those who will be stuck into a life time of mental health issues likely at the cost of the US Taxpayers.