Meg Froelich

These are difficult times for many Coloradans and we must place Mental Health as a priority in our community. With suicide as the leading cause of death for our youth, I believe in funding mental health professionals in our schools, addressing gun violence, school safety and educating adults on the particular mental and behavioral health challenges facing our youth. I sponsor Mental Health First Aid classes in my District and have hosted several Town Halls on the topic. In 2019 I sponsored an important bill providing wrap around pediatric behavioral and mental health services (SB19-195.) We just passed a bill on Coronavirus Relief Funds for Mental Health and Substance Abuse Programs (HB20-1411) to address increased need for Mental Health help due to our COVID public health crisis. I continue to work with our Federal delegation in the hopes that we can access Federal COVID relief funds as well.

My commitment to ensuring access to Mental Health resources has been strengthened by the recognition that these services are often the first to be cut and underfunded while the need for strong community support systems increases.