Monica Duran

I previously served on the Board of Directors for the Jefferson Center for Mental Health, where I was dedicated to serving all in need. Our mission was to improve the lives and to strengthen our communities by providing essential mental health needs, along with other related services for individuals and families on the road to support recovery. My work as a board member was to increase access to health care, meaningful employment, childcare, and education, so our vulnerable communities have the opportunity to thrive and be healthy. Healthy communities are fostered by strong healthy families, which produce healthy individuals. I believe mental health is crucial to growth, development, and positive relationship building.

My priorities in my district are to provide the necessary support, and to increase positive interaction for my constituents surrounding mental health, and the stigma it often carries. In order to do this, we have to fight the discrimination against people with mental health disorders. The stigmatization of these disorders remain barriers to full participation in society in areas as basic as education, housing, and employment. Stigmatized individuals are often devalued in society, and as a state representative, my platform has always been inclusion and standing up for the most vulnerable individuals in our communities. I am committed to changing the stigma in a lasting way. This will require coordinated efforts, constructive dialogue, and a coalition of positive representation, both in my district and throughout Colorado. Thank you.