New report details what may be causing youth suicide crisis

COLORADO – A new report from the Colorado Attorney General’s office takes a look at what may be causing the state’s youth suicide crisis.

The report is almost 90-pages long and it specifically lists stress factors like rigorous school day schedules that don’t allow children any time to decompress and cyberbullying from social media.

Key findings:  

Risk factors attributing to youth suicide:

  • Pressure and anxiety about failing.
  • Social media and cyber bullying.
  • Lack of prosocial activities.
  • Lack of connection to a caring adult.
  • Judgement and lack of acceptance in the community.
  • Substance use, mental health disorders and trauma history.
  • Adult suicides in the community impact youth.

Barriers to suicide prevention:

  • Not enough resources to effectively implement youth suicide prevention, intervention and postvention activities.
  • Each county faces lack of resources and funding for public health and social services programs.
  • Lack of equitable distribution of resources across agencies.
  • Lack of mental health providers in these communities who accept Medicaid.
  • Communities with more mental health resources have few providers who are trained to work with youth or the providers only accept adults.
  • Stigma associated with seeking help.
  • Stigma against LGBTQ+ individuals limits the places and resources from which those individuals seek help.

Mental Health Colorado says the report is going to be helpful in their efforts to pass about a half-dozen proposals during this year’s state legislature.

Several of those bills include ideas to provide more mental health care for kids in school.

Originally appeared on KOAA.