By: Alasyn Zimmerman

September 15, 2018

COLORADO- This fall’s election is less than two months away and a non-profit wants to know where hopeful lawmakers stand on mental health issues.

‘This is a teachable moment for candidates,’ said Andrew Romanoff, President & CEO of Mental Health Colorado.

The survey asks candidates how they plan to address mental health concerns in the legislature.

‘If you’re running for office you’ve got to answer tough questions all the time you got to tell where you stand on abortion, gun control and other hot topics and mental health ought to be on your agenda too,’ said Romanoff.

Nationally, Colorado ranks as one of the worst states for mental health care.

Romanoff says he hopes to see legislation this upcoming session based on enforcing insurance coverage for mental health as equally as physical health and coming up with a bed tracking technology for mental health facilities.

The surveys are expected to return to Mental Health Colorado in the next couple of weeks, results will be posted on the non-profit’s website.

Mental Health Colorado is a non-profit and non-partisan organization and will not endorse any candidates this election.

Originally appeared on KOAA.