April 30, 2018

Colorado won’t be the first state to enact a “red flag” law, but we can make it the next.

Reps. Alec Garnett (D-Denver) and Cole Wist (R-Centennial) just introduced House Bill 18-1436. The bill would allow law enforcement officers to remove guns temporarily from the homes of people who pose a significant danger to themselves or others.

Nine other states have authorized extreme risk protection orders, and the results are encouraging. Connecticut prevented one suicide for every 10 guns removed.

HB 1436 faces its first hearing in the House Judiciary Committee tomorrow. Please tell the committee members—and your state legislators—to vote yes.

We’ll discuss this bill, among others, at the State Capitol at noon tomorrow. Join us for the proclamation of Mental Health Month.

The best time to pass this legislation was yesterday. The next best time is now.

-Andrew Romanoff