Zaidy Charron is proud to be a Colorado native. She recently graduated with a degree in Communications with minors in Business and Spanish from Tulane University.

While studying at Tulane she saw many issues regarding mental health services on campus.  Charron became a strong advocate for change when crisis hit during the 2014-15 school year. That year, four students took their lives by suicide.  She then participated in university-wide discussions to create more programs that target students with mental health issues and worked to find ways to improve the services already provided to those students.

Charron is also a Daniels Fund Scholar. Through this avenue she was able to help the New Orleans community with the “After School Allies.” She volunteered and help create after school programs for at-risk children in the New Orleans community.

Charron says she’s involved in mental health causes because it’s personal and something everyone is touched by.  She says it’s so important to get people help, and share the resources to do that. She now practices yoga and mindfulness meditation daily and helps others to develop these skills in order to promote strong mental health in their own lives.