Emma graduated this past winter from the University of Denver with majors in psychology and gender studies. There, they got the privilege of collaborating with other students in an on-campus psychology lab that investigates person perception with an emphasis on implications for social inequality and discrimination. Emma’s primary role was to contribute to research on the intersection of racial bias and perceptions of pain tolerance, as well as participate in the conceptualization of potential interventions as they pertain to issues of public health and racial equity. This involved gathering consent from study participants, instructing them on how to participate, performing debriefings, as well as organizing and filing documentation.

Being part of this lab provided them with the opportunity to engage with the science of psychology and furthering social justice, while also learning the fundamentals of laboratory practices.

Emma is passionate about issues pertaining to mental health due to having spent many years overcoming an eating disorder and because they believe it is a fundamental human right to have good mental health. Inaccessibility to mental health services, stigmatization of mental illness, and prejudice against minority groups are all obstacles they feel need to be addressed with urgency.

Emma lives in Denver with their rescue dog Thelma. They enjoy singing and collaging in their free time and are the vocalist of local indie rock band Blankslate.