Randi McCallian

Our overall health, our happiness and wellbeing in life, is made up of many moving, and interconnected parts. These parts cannot be separated from one another because they are ALL part of the whole-being, of what makes up you; one of these critical parts is our mental health. I learned this so deeply while working through and facing my own anxiety and depression, particularly after having children.

I have a Master’s Degree in Public Health and I value how interconnected all pieces of our lives are to our personal wellbeing. My decades-long service in Community and Family Health, working closely with children and new parents, counseling and supporting people facing challenging times and transitions, is important to achieve better representation in our State Legislature. A major focus for me is policy which strengthens and protects the mental health of families; particularly in pregnancy, postpartum, parenthood, and childhood. I’ve always been passionate about improving maternal and child health, with mothers and children being quite a vulnerable population, and a *key* area of prevention for vast down-stream public health issues. I want to see policy which improves pregnancy and birth outcomes, protects families and babies in the postpartum period, Paid Family Leave, and access to quality and affordable childcare.
I face a tough race for this State Senate seat – against someone who doesn’t prioritize Coloradans, families, or mental health – please volunteer and donate if you can!