Recognizing Recovery

People can recover. People do recover.

Mental Health Colorado strives every day to create healthier minds across the lifespan and reduce the potential harm from drugs and alcohol. Every September for National Recovery Month, we join the rest of the nation in celebrating the millions of Americans in recovery from harmful substance use.

We are proud of our work to help those in recovery—including three notable pieces of legislation:

  • We led the fight to hold insurers accountable for mental health parity—the law that says they must cover mental health and substance use equal to physical health.
  • We helped pass a bill that expands the availability of housing and support services for individuals who are homeless and have a substance use condition.
  • We championed legislation that expands a program that supports pregnant and parenting women up to one year postpartum and increases capacity for appropriate health care options for parents and their children.

To continually show our support, we’ll be sharing stories of hope and recovery throughout the month! If you’d like to follow along, be sure to like and follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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