Messages from our sponsors

Citywide Banks passion for mental health wellness goes back to the late 1960’s. It accelerated when the bank played an instrumental role in the development of a major mental health center in 1975. Since then, our focus on mental health advocacy has significantly grown. While we have deep roots in supporting economic development, cancer prevention, mentoring and education, Citywide Banks has a long history of advocating the cause of mental health wellness in Colorado. Citywide Banks has expanded its support by serving on boards, sponsoring advocacy campaigns, promoting mental health first aid programs and contributing significant financial donations to many mental health organizations across the Front Range. We deeply value the dedication and work of our mental health partners, especially as our shared crisis has elevated the need for mental health support. Citywide Banks remains committed to our support of mental health wellness in Colorado. Visit to learn more.  Citywide Banks is a member FDIC and an Equal Housing Lender.

We envision a future where everyone in Denver experiences well-being. To make this vision a reality, let’s work to expand access to care and recognize that there’s no “us” and “them” in behavioral health. We are all in this together. Dr. Carl Clark, President & Chief Executive Officer


Rocky Mountain Health Plans is committed to promoting access, choice and evidence-based programs and compassionate care throughout Colorado.

Our whole-person health strategy focuses on achieving Parity and fulfilling the promise of better access to quality behavioral health care.

Rocky Mountain Health Plans listens actively to members, stakeholders and the community to identify gaps in care and develop provider networks that meet the needs of individuals we serve. We do not close our network or turn away interested and qualified providers with a message that “we have enough providers – network saturated.”  We work to complete contracting and credentialing promptly in order to remove barriers for providers and timely access to care for people they serve.

Since our inception as a Regional Accountable Entity in July 2018, we have expanded the number of independent behavioral health care providers participating and actively billing for covered Medicaid services for members in “Region 1” (western and northern Colorado) by over 84%. We have also worked diligently to promote the integration of behavioral health services throughout our primary care network.

Excellence in all aspects of our programs is necessary to fulfill the promise of better access to high quality behavioral health services. We are grateful for the progress that has occurred in the realm of public policy and for the improvements we have achieved within our own initiatives. We look forward to further, constructive dialogue about what meaningful reforms in behavioral health programs, financing and operations will be necessary to better achieve Parity.

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