Stakeholders highlight importance of patient, facilitator safety in preparation of psilocybin distribution in Colorado

March 22, 2024

By: Shane Ersland

Patient and facilitator safety will be top of mind for Colorado mental health professionals when the state begins to distribute psilocybin next year. Stakeholders considered ways to address that last week.

Mental Health Colorado and the Healing Advocacy Fund hosted the final session of a webinar series detailing the impact of psilocybin legalization in the state. Nearly 1.3 million residents voted affirmatively for Proposition 122 in 2022. Colorado is the second state in the nation to approve a state-regulated program for legal access to psilocybin therapies.

“Coloradans deserve more tools to address mental health issues, including approaches such as natural medicines that are grounded in treatment, recovery, health, and wellness rather than criminalization, suffering, and punishment,” Mental Health Colorado CEO Vincent Atchity said.

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