The depth of your identity


July 9, 2019

Research shows that Black, Indigenous, and People of Color receive lower quality mental health treatment, have less access to care, and face greater exposure to health stressors because of social, economic, and environmental inequities. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender youth report twice the prevalence of bullying. And last year, nearly half of all lesbian, gay, or bisexual youth in Colorado seriously considered suicide—more than triple the rate among heterosexual students.

As we gear up for the 2020 legislative session, we’re looking ahead with a focus on equity, so that everyone—regardless of who you are or where you live—has the opportunity to thrive.

We’re looking at root causes and social factors that affect mental health and substance use. With a health equity approach, we will work for systemic change—eliminating barriers to access, improving quality of treatment, and addressing stigma and discrimination.

We know you can’t separate mental health from your whole identity, so help inform our policy efforts by sharing the depth of your identity and how it relates to your journey.

July is Minority Mental Health Month. But each of us has a role every day in ensuring all Coloradans have the opportunity to thrive. Please join us as we challenge preconceptions and bias in our communities.

-Nancy VanDeMark