Will the candidates on your ballot get this right?

Mental health matters to you. It ought to matter to your elected officials.

At Mental Health Colorado, we can’t endorse candidates. But we can ask them where they stand. We want all Colorado voters to be confident that their leaders will guide us in the right direction when it comes to mental health.

We asked candidates running for the state legislature, board of education, and district attorney what priorities they have in order to support the mental health of the population they seek to represent. We’ve created a platform for you to learn more about each candidate.

Every candidate should have mental health on their minds. We’ve provided contact information for those who haven’t responded to our request. We urge you to reach out to them and ask them to commit to getting it right for mental health. 

The clear understanding and firm commitment of our state senators and representatives to mental health is essential if we are to realize a vision for Colorado that will make us all proud and healthy.

The Colorado Board of Education must be committed to supporting the healthy development of children and adolescents—to helping them thrive in school, and to steering them clear of damaging and discriminatory disciplinary practices.

And district and county attorneys have one of the most powerful roles to play in partnering with law enforcement, health care, and housing providers to promote public safety while shrinking our misguided and discriminatory use of jails and attorneys to manage the unmet health needs of the populations they serve.

Please reach out to these candidates and tell them how important mental health is to you. We need your help!


Vincent Atchity
President & CEO
Mental Health Colorado