January 4, 2019

I hope you’re enjoying the new year, at least so far! This morning marked the first day of Colorado’s legislative session—a new chance to save lives.

We’re bringing a broad range of proposals to the State Capitol, including plans to reduce the rate of suicide. Among other requests, we’re asking the General Assembly and the governor to:

1) Fund the Zero Suicide framework.

2) Strengthen mental health parity laws.

3) Create a statewide tracking system for psychiatric beds and substance use treatment facilities.

4) Adopt a red flag law.

5) Increase the number of school mental health professionals.

6) Expand access to treatment, housing, and supportive services.

7) Reduce reliance on the criminal justice system.

It’s an ambitious agenda (detailed here). And with only 120 days until legislators adjourn, we don’t have much time to enact it.

Join the Brain Wave—and lend your voice—today!

-Andrew Romanoff