Legislative updates

Mental Health Colorado currently has two bills introduced (HB19-1044 and SB19-010). This week we’ve been working with bill drafters on four other bill proposals that we plan to introduce soon. The first bill would expand and improve the Special Connections program for pregnant women with substance use disorders enrolled in Medicaid. The bill would include two child care pilot programs; create a cash-fund to expand treatment capacity for high-risk families, youth, and children; and would allow women to enroll in the program post-partum.

The other three bills are part of a package of bills to address the number of people with mental health conditions in jails awaiting competency restoration. We will be sharing more information on these three important bills in the coming weeks!

This week the legislature is considering the following bills on our agenda:

February 4th
Public Testimony in front of the Joint Budget Committee: The JBC is asking members of the public to testify about what they should be spending their money on this year. This is a great opportunity for you to let them know how important mental health is to you. If you would like to have a fact sheet with our current funding requests, email Lauren Snyder at lsnyder@mentalhealthcolorado.org.

  • Joint Budget Committee, 1:30pm
  • HB-1089 Exemption from Garnishment for Medical Debt (Support): House Finance, 1:30pm in Rm. LSB-A

February 6th 

February 7th

Last week at the Capitol:

A Mental Health Colorado bill passed the House unanimously with 32 co-sponsors added. HB19-1044 would create a psychiatric advance directive, which is a legal document to specify an individual’s preferred treatment and medications when they are in a psychiatric crisis. Moe Keller did a fantastic job testifying in front of the committee. The testimony from Evan Silverman, a member of our Brain Wave, was incredibly powerful and greatly impacted the committee members. Thank you both!

Pictured: Alex Sandoval, Moe Keller, Evan Silverman, Rep. Lois Landgraf, Rep. Tracy Kraft-Tharp

Update on other bills of importance:
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