Legislative updates

Last week:

Friday, May 3 was “Sine Day”!

This is Latin for ‘without a day’. Adjournment Sine Die means to adjourn without assigning a day for a further meeting or hearing. Colorado’s constitution states that the legislature can only meet during regular session for a maximum of 120 days. May 3rd marked the 120th day of the regular session.

And this Sine Day, we celebrated all of Mental Health Colorado’s agenda bills passing!

Thank you to everyone who helped make this happen, especially our Brain Wave members who testified this session. Your advocacy made all the difference!

These are the bills which will be heading to Governor Polis’ desk to be signed into law:

House Bill 19-1269 Behavioral Health Coverage/Parity. Concerning measures to improve behavioral health care coverage practices.

House Bill 19-1193 Behavioral Health Supports for High-risk Families. Concerning behavioral health supports for high-risk families.

House Bill 19-1287 Treatment for Behavioral Health Disorders. Concerning methods to increase access to treatment for behavioral health disorders.

House Bill 19-1044 Psychiatric Advanced Directives. Concerning advance behavioral health orders determining the scope of treatment an adult wishes to
receive under certain behavioral health circumstances.

House Bill 19-1009 Recovery for Substance Use Disorders. Concerning supports for persons recovering from substance use disorders

Senate Bill 19-222 Behavioral Health Safety-net System. Concerning the improvement of access to behavioral health services for individuals at risk of institutionalization.

Senate Bill 19-223 Competency Restoration Reform. Concerning actions related to competency to proceed.

Senate Bill 19-010 Behavioral Health Professionals for Schools. Concerning professional behavioral health services for schools.

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