After major legislative wins, Mental Health Colorado scores lawmakers

July 26, 2021

By: Joey Bunch

Originally found on Colorado Politics

After a session that put hundreds of millions of dollars into mental health programs, some Colorado lawmakers surged to the front of the class, while others need remedial guidance, according to the state’s chief advocacy organization.

Mental Health Colorado celebrated scoring about $132 million for new programs in the legislative session that ended last month.

Based on their votes on bills backed Mental Health Colorado, 39 House and 18 Senate Democrats scored 100.

Sen. Kevin Priola of Henderson was the only Republican in either chamber to get a perfect score.

Only two lawmakers — Reps. Dave Williams of Colorado Springs and Stephanie Luck of Penrose — scored a zero on the five bills.

Read the full scorecard by clicking here.

Other legislation Mental Health Colorado supported included:

House Bill 1161: Suspend State Assessments for Select Grades

House Bill 1166: Behavioral Health Crisis Response Training

House Bill 1094: Foster Youth In Transition Program

House Bill 1304: Early Childhood System

House Bill 1275: Medicaid Reimbursement For Services By Pharmacists

House Bill 1097: Establish Behavioral Health Administration

House Bill 1130: Expand Transition Specialist Program

House Bill 1068: Insurance Coverage Mental Health Wellness Exam

House Bill 1121: Residential Tenancy Procedures

House Bill 1030: Expanding Peace Officers Mental Health Grant Program

Senate Bill 39: Elimination Of Subminimum Wage Employment

Senate Bill 194: Appropriation for Mental Health Providers

Senate Bill 75: Supported Decision-Making Agreements for adults with Disabilities

House Bill 1119: Suicide Prevention, Intervention and Postvention

House Bill 1276: Prevention of Substance Use Disorders

Senate Bill 122: Opiate Antagonist Bulk Purchase And Standing Orders

Senate Bill 66: Juvenile Diversion Programs

Senate Bill 138: Improve Brain Injury Support for the Criminal Justice System

House Bill 1122: First Responder Interactions Persons With Disabilities

Mental Health Colorado cited two pieces of legislation pertaining to guns it opposed: House Bill 1038 (Concealed Handguns On School Grounds) and House Bill 1098 (Civil Liability For Extreme Risk Protection Orders).