Slide BeWell AtWork Mental Health Matters We spend most of our waking hours at work.

It's then no surprise that it can take a big toll on our mental health, which affects our work productivity, relationships, and overall wellbeing.

We've compiled a list of resources to help employers and employees implement small, easy workplace tactics to ensure a healthier and happier workplace!
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As an employer, you have the opportunity to make a major impact in the lives of your employees. Research shows that feeling authentic and open at work leads to better performance, engagement, employee retention, and overall wellbeing. Check out the resources below for ideas of easy things you can be incorporating to your work environment to boost the mental wellness of your employees. Your mental health matters. While there will always be hard days, our jobs should not dictate the state of our mental health. There are things you can do today and every day that will make a difference in your mental wellbeing.

  • Mental Health Colorado Help Page

    Mental Health Colorado provides a variety of resources for an array of questions related to mental health or substance use. Click Here
    • Screenings

      Taking a screening is one of the quickest and easiest ways to determine whether you are experiencing symptoms of a mental health condition. English Spanish
      • Mental Health America
        Mental Health America recognizes the psychological impact workplaces can have on their employees. Millions of employees spend a large part of their day, and lifetime, at work, increasing the effect that workplace environments can have on psychological well-being. MHA’s research is part of an ongoing commitment to uncovering workplace disparities and addressing the psychological needs of the workforce. They also provide valuable resources for employees and employers. Find out more
        • Mental Health First Aid

          Mental Health First Aid is a national program proven to increase people's ability recognize the signs of someone who may be struggling with a mental health challenge and connect to support resources. Find out more
          • Workplace Mental Health Website

            The Work Place Mental Health website provides useful, informative resources to employers seeking to improve absenteeism and productivity while enhancing worker quality of life. Below are a few resources to consider: ICU: The ICU program was designed to reduce stigma associated with mental health and foster workplace culture that supports emotional health. The program is available to employers across all sectors, industries, size, and free. This program is also available in Spanish and Portuguese Learn more

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          Wellness Award The past two years, Mental Health Colorado has honored a company or organization with a Workplace Wellness Award at the annual Tribute Gala. This honor goes to a group who displays creativity, ingenuity, and significant achievements in promoting mental wellness and ending stigma in its communities. 2018 2019
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