Boulder-based provider launches in-home mental health care program

March 6, 2020

By: Katie Langford

Boulder-based private mental health provider Colorado Recovery has created a new in-home treatment program for people who cannot access care in a traditional office setting.

Launched in February, Bridge to You brings Colorado Recovery’s services — diagnosis, therapy, psychiatric nursing, medication management, life skills and more — into a patient’s home.

“There are a number of people who are homebound because of age, but also people who have a hard time coming into an office setting because part of their illness might be fear or paranoia about being around other people,” said program Director Joseph Schultz.

Illness and limited mobility can also impact someone’s ability to go to an appointment at an office building, said Medical Director Kate Daly.

Programs like Bridge to You are not common in Colorado and are “a good innovation,” said Vincent Atchity, president of nonprofit advocacy group Mental Health Colorado.

“They’re a good program and do good work, but the payment issue is very limiting,” Atchity said. “There are international models for that kind of in-home care and it should be an idea that catches on, but it’s hard to afford.”

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