Not a criminal, not a crime

People who need health care shouldn’t be transported in handcuffs. But that’s exactly what happened to Sandra’s son, Drew.

In the midst of a mental health crisis, Sandra took what she thought was the right course of action by taking Drew to the hospital. Later, Drew was handcuffed and transported to another hospital in the back of a police car.

“I was on the floor begging them not to treat my son in this manner,” Sandra said. “Drew has never regained his trust in treatment providers or in police officers. Drew and I have been deeply and forever affected by this event.”

Sandra feels hopeful on account of a bill we introduced this year that creates a better transportation alternative. It will save taxpayers money, decrease the chances of escalating a crisis, and most importantly, prioritize the wellbeing of people with mental health or substance use conditions.

We must not treat people like criminals when what they need is health care. And we need your help today to end that shame and discrimination.


Vincent Atchity

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